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About Us

Welcome to Beaver Creek Wood Products, your trusted source for high-quality wood products. Based in a small town, our mission is to meet the diverse needs of both wholesale and retail markets by offering palletized bundles of firewood. With a focus on exceptional customer satisfaction, we work closely with wholesale distributors, gas stations, grocery stores, ensuring timely delivery nationwide. Our USDA certified kiln dry wood prevents pests and guarantees safe, efficient firewood. We take environmental responsibility seriously, holding a gypsy moth certification. Grocery warehouses are our target market, and we are dedicated to delivering top-tier wood products for stocking shelves and displays, providing reliable solutions that exceed expectations.


Benefits of Firewood That Has Been Kiln-Dried

Kiln-dried wood offers a superior burning experience due to its enhanced properties. The meticulous drying process ensures that the wood's moisture content is significantly reduced, making it easy to ignite and sustain a consistent, efficient burn. This wood is carefully monitored for around 36 hours to dry to maintain a temperature of approximately 138.2 degrees Fahrenheit, eliminating excess moisture that could hinder combustion. One of the significant advantages of using kiln-dried wood is its ability to prevent creosote buildup in your chimney, mitigating the risk of dangerous chimney fires. Furthermore, kiln-dried wood boasts a fresh appearance, translating to cleaner handling and storage. Any potential insect infestations are eradicated during drying, ensuring that bugs will be a non-issue. Choosing kiln-dried wood for your fireplace or stove guarantees a hassle-free burning experience and promotes safety, efficiency, and a visually appealing fire setup.

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