Who is Beaver Creek Wood Products?

It’s any body of water enveloped in the safety and security of a wooded forest. Safe, clean, protected from the outside; to give you the assurance that nature and family are the best for your enjoyment.

Beaver Creek Wood Products brings you the warmth of the forest with its all natural firewood and landscaping mulches. Fine fresh quality and the aroma of the forest at its best!

Look no further than Beaver Creek for products that you, the wholesale buyer, can offer your customers with confidence.

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Kiln Drying

Kiln Drying provides the best value for the consumer
It produces a lower moisture content in the wood
It is easier to start the burning process
It destroys insects and pests, making it safe for warehouse, store and home storage
It is lighter to carry and transport (firewood is sold by volume, not weight, but weight is very important when shipping)
It is safe to use in fireplaces and safe for chimneys
It produces complete and thorough burning of the wood

...along with some cedar kindling, it makes a great fire.

Firewood Market

Single Family Homes
Business Offices
Back Yard Fire Pits
Campground Users

     The demographics state:
65% to 75% of new residential homes have a fireplace
Approximately 35-40 million fireplaces in the USA
The use of wood, as a fuel, will increase by 50-60% in the next 20 years


Here's a typical firewood trail:
Purchase a wood lot
Cut and de-limb the trees into logs
Load and transport logs to production facility
Cut logs into firewood length
Split wood blocks into pieces
Load firewood into bins
Transport bins into kiln dryers
Move kiln dried word to shrink-wrapper
Load and shrink-warp firewood into bundles
Attach a carrying handle
Load bundles onto a pallet
Stretch-wrap each pallet
Store pallets in the warehouse
Ship pallets in semi-trailer vans to your central distribution center
Ship from DC to your individual stores

....Customer purchase (the sale)
....Now put all of this processing in perspective with "price"


First: The retail buyer considers;
What does his customer want to buy?
A product that is clean; no bugs or pests
A product that displays quality
A product that is well packaged
A product that is convenient to transport
A product that is easy to open
A product this is easy to start and burn

Second: What does the General Merchandise Buyer want?
All of the above. plus ...
Attractive store presentation
High turnover and good profits
No consumer complaints
Convenient and timely delivery
A price that is fair in the market

Product Pricing

To say we have a price for each product, whereby, one price fits all, we just don't have. Here's why...

biggest variable is the cost of shipping. As you know, fuel costs
aren't what they used to be. Therefore, we need to know more about the
shipping distance to your location or locations.

Weight is
another concern when shipping. There are limitations that determines the
number of pallets that we can ship per truck load which affects price.

We can mix and match product pallets on a load. That will affect weight.

We have to be very conscientious about being efficient because it affects the cost for all of us.

We can create a price for FOB at our shipping dock. If you are in our area and can back haul that will be to your advantage.
would like for you to give us your previous sales history by the month,
for the previous year. This is most helpful in our production planning
schedule and can affect pricing to you.

However, once we lock in a price for you we will honor that price for the term of the contract.